Villa Cosmiana's sangiovese vineyard overview

A few words about Sangiovese, Chianti and Fattore Crelio

Sangiovese, together with Trebbiano, represents the majority of Tuscany vineyards. It is cultivated throughout the region and is used in almost all red wines, whether as a single grape variety such as the prestigious Brunello di Montalcino or Vino Nobile de Montepulciano or in a blend such as Chianti and Super Tuscans. However, at the risk of upsetting our neighbours who make it a real religion, we have to admit that nature has not made Sangiovese the most generous of grape varieties.  Not the most aromatic grape variety, quite acidic and with a tendency to take on a brownish colour as it ages, it is a real challenge for winemakers who have had to learn over the centuries to limit the number of clusters of a grape variety that is by nature prolific.  The same is true of its aging in oak barrels as the variety acts like a sponge with external aromas particularly wood, and the need to marry it with a grape variety which underlines its subtle aromas of red fruit and mineral freshness without altering them too much.  In other words, Sangiovese cannot stand mediocrity and if you think it can only produce a small wine, it is because you did not have the chance to taste a Chianti worthy of that beautiful name, which is unfortunately too often overexploited. 

As a prestigious historic Tuscan estate, Villa Cosmiana had to offer a true Chianti.  We work hard with our ancient Sangiovese vineyard of over one hectare beautifully exposed to the sun to produce no more than 45 hectolitres of high-quality wine which we complete, according to the ancestral tradition of the Villa and the subtle leadership of our oenologist Barbara Tamburini, with a little of our best Merlot.  The result is Fattore Crelio, as a tribute to the last overseer of the estate to have produced a Chianti.  Villa Cosmiana’s Chianti is a fresh wine with strong aromas of crushed black cherries highlighted with a hint of liquorice, a Chianti which makes people love Chianti and would almost make you believe that Sangiovese is the most generous of all grape varieties.

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