Princess Maria Antinori-Aldobrandini

Principessa Maria

Princess Maria Antinori-Aldobrandini (1870-1933), the last historic owner of Villa Cosmiana, is remembered in our city of Peccioli almost as a legendary character. Surrounding her is the story that she used to come to the villa for her yearly spa cure in the nearby Casciana resort accompanied by a cenacle of artists and philosophers she could not do without all summer at her country retreat. It is said also that she was generous and used to have refreshments of wine and biscuits served in the park to the inhabitants of Peccioli who came with the local city music band to welcome her at the villa; it is said too, that she was an extravagant personality who did not hesitate to order gowns and perfumes from Paris worth the fantastic price of a Tuscan farm and its entire land.  In a nutshell, an intriguing society lady of the old times whose life is remembered as a mix of myths and historical reality.

We gave her name, Principessa Maria, to Villa Cosmiana’s recently created Terre di Pisa DOC wine  Like her, it’s a wine deeply rooted in the Tuscan countryside, but constructed with elegant French grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, a glamorous Bordeaux blend born on the Pisan hills, distinguished in its appearance, complex in its aromas, with that touch of extravagance indispensable to start a new legend.