La villa Cosimana en été

Villa Cosmiana is back

After three years of long and difficult work, we are very happy to be able to announce that the Villa Cosmiana estate has finally regained the splendor it enjoyed in the time of its historic owners, the Dukes Antinori of Brindisi. The villa, totally renovated, once again deploys its art collections, its gardens, restored or rebuilt identically, once again exert their historical fascination and above all its wines have revived the reputation for excellence that they had had since the 19th century…

We are happy with this result without taking excessive pride in it, indeed we have understood in recent years that no one never really ownes an exceptional estate like that of Villa Cosmiana: it shone before you, it will shine after… one is just the guardian of a moment, a moment that he wishes up to the level of those who preceded it and up to those who will follow. This moment over which we have been given the good fortune to preside, we wish to share it not only with our families and with our friends, but also with all those who love wine, art and Tuscany.

To all those who help us in this project through their hard work or who support us by enjoying our wines or visiting us, we sincerely say thank you for supporting us in writing this new chapter in the long novel of the Villa Cosmiana, thank you for sharing this exceptional moment with us.