View of the loggia and of the orangery above the cellar vaults

Inauguration of the orangery and of the loggia designed by Giuseppe Poggi

On the occasion of its annual party on August 15, Villa Cosmiana unveiled the recent renovation of its orangery and loggia, now open to the public for Thursday tastings and for the estate’s oenological events (please refer to the wine tourism section).

The two spaces, designed around 1855 by the famous Florentine architect Giuseppe Poggi, the Florentine Baron Hausmann, present a neo-classical facade of travertine stone to complement the neo-classical style of the villa with airy volumes which naturally retain their freshness even at the peaks of Tuscan summers.

The orangery and the loggia used as a hay barn about 1920
The orangerie and the loggia on the top of the cellar vaults.

Transformed into agricultural space from the beginning of the 20th century, the orangery and the loggia were first converted into a wine making facility and a hayloft, then into a warehouse and a workshop before being completely abandoned in the 1980s. After two years of intensive restoration, they finally regain their original majesty and retrieve their historic vocation as a glamourous reception area.