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Cosimo and DamianoPoggio Cosmiano

Poggio Cosmiano is the name of the gentle hill north of the medieval city of Peccioli upon which Villa Cosmiana is situated. Its name originates from the Villa’s chapel which was dedicated to Saint Cosimo and Saint Damiano around 1790 as a sign of loyalty to the grand Duke of Tuscany in exile at the time when Tuscany was occupied by the French Revolution army. Little by little, Cosimo and Damiano were contracted into ‘Cosmiano’ giving its name to the hill and the estate.






La fattoria

Maddalena Cambi

Maddalena Cambi, (1868-1915) was born to a sharecropper family on the estate and entered at a young age in service of the Antinori family. After the marriage of Maria Antinori with the Prince Aldobrandini and the subsequent transfer in dowry of the estate of Villa Cosmiana to the young spouse in 1891, she was appointed first house keeper of the villa, then co-intendant of the agricultural domaine until her premature death in 1915.  Her name is synonymous with the reputation for high quality agricultural products; in the name of the princess, she obtained a number of prizes at national agricultural fairs especially for the excellence of the table grapes, Colombana for which the Diploma from the Esposizione della Produzione Italiana ed Internazionale was awarded to Donna Maria Antinori Duchess of Brindisi Princess Aldobrandini in 1926.

Her name, Fattoressa Maddalena, has been given as a tribute to a traditional white wine made from selected Tuscan Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes vinified and matured in oak barrels.



Fattore CrelioCrelio Petrolini

Crelio Petrolini (1928-1979) was the last ‘fattore’ or estate manager whilst still in the ownership of the Princess Antinori-Aldobrandini. Recruited directly by Prince Clemente Aldobrandini before he could finish high school and in spite of the difficulties of the time, he led and oversaw the villa, park and farms maintaining them to the standards of excellence established by Duke Amerigo Antinori and his daughter Princess Maria Antinori-Aldobrandini for over 30 years.

His name, Crelio, has been given as a tribute to a typical Chianti-style wine where the rusticity of traditional Tuscan Sangiovese is refined with a touch of Merlot harvested from the estate.




Princess Antinori-Aldobrandini, 1870-1933, last owner of the villaPrincipessa Maria

Maria Antinori, Principessa Aldobrandini by marriage (1870-1933), was the daughter of Amerigo Antinori, the administrator of the property of the exiled Grand Duke of Tuscany family. In 1891, her father granted her as dowry the ownership of the Villa Cosmiana estate and its 11 farms. From that time on, she shared her time between Rome where she was living with her husband and her two children and Villa Cosmiana, where during long prolonged summer rest periods she used to gather around her renowned intellectuals and artists of the time and worked to upgrade the agricultural production of the villa’s land in pursuit of excellence. The name Principessa Maria has been given to our Terre di Pisa assembled in a Bordeaux blend from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties harvested from the Villa Cosmiana estate.





Duc Amerigo Antinori 1828-1902, historical owner of Villa CosmianaDuca Amerigo

Amerigo Antinori, duke of Brindisi, 1828-1902, was born in an old Florentine patrician family and became, starting from the age of 20, chamberlain of the last Grand duke of Tuscany, Leopold II. Following the annexion of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany by the new kingdom of Italy, he shared his time between Florence where he became private secretary and administrator of the properties of the exiled Grand Duke family and the Villa Cosmiana estate in Peccioli where he oversaw the management of his agricultural properties attached to the villa.

His name, Duca Amerigo, has been given as a tribute to the most prestigious wine of Villa Cosmiana, a « super Tuscan » matured 18 months in oak barrels made exclusively from an exceptional Merlot harvested from the estate.

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